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Wrong assumption

This is my response for the Daily Post Think Again.

I am wrong once again in making assumption about other people. I always choose wrong person to share my room with. I did not use to get along well with my previous roommate, which caused us separated. I decided to rent a new room then. I have a new roommate now but it is just like out of the frying pan into the fire.

My new roommate is elder than me, so I thought she would be thoughtful. She would be a good and responsible person. She would be clean. I expected that she would not take advantage of my kindness like my previous roommate did but I was so wrong. Her good communication hides her not-so-good side. At first, I took everything easy on her and did not care about that. However, as days progressed, she keeps leaving the room dirty and setting it for me to tidy. I do it almost the time while she only makes it messy. She does not care about my feeling. She invited her relatives and stayed overnight in our small room. I need air to breathe. She uses all of my items without asking for my permission to use them. I think again on her. She is not like who I thought.

How I can stand it? How long can I take these horrible things? I know I need to go straight-forward. But she is elder than me and always so clever in talking, which make me feel hard to express my option directly and get it to the point. I think again on myself. Am I so easy-going in my appearance, which helps them to take advantage of me? Do I not have ability in making right assumption about other people, which causes the two failures in choosing roommate?

I might should be tough and bold.