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The Kindness of Strangers

When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you?

I don’t like to be helped by strangers. And I am always on my toes with strangers because I think that strangers usually are cheaters and stealers, especially when they offer to help by chance. But yesterday it was different. While I was walking to come home from work, one stranger offered me a driver on her motorbike. At first, I was quite wary because I knew some cases on newspaper that some strange people will enchant for money. I tried to avoid her. However she kept following me and asking if I wanted to have her taking me to the main road. The weather was so hot that made me feel more tired with walking after a long working day, while she was so enthusiastic with this offer, so I nodded my head. While I sat behind her back on her motorbike, I still wondered how she would cheat me for money. “I must be careful”, I thought. However everything was not like my imagination. She is good and just wanted to help me with the same road we would go. We talked about the weather while we were on the motorbike. I am thankful for her help. Of course, I did not forget to say my honest thank to her when I got off her motorbike.

I was so selfish when I thought badly about her. She made me feel more optimistic about this life. We still have good people and not all strangers are trying to get money. We still have people who are ready to give help. When I was walking closely to my home, a strange boy came to me and asked for little money to buy bread. Thinking about what I had just received, I bought him bread, which made me satisfied.