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It has never been easy for me to talk about broken relationships because I don’t want to recall anything related to them. However, this Daily Prompt encourages me to speak up. And this post is for you, who dumped me.

That was a big shock for me. I felt down and depressed. I couldn’t believe that such thing could happen to me.

I totally trusted you. I was convinced with your sweet words and your great promises about future. I was fed with your lies every day without knowing that they were “toxic” words. Until I had a crush on you, you kicked me to the curb. I fell off the ground, dropping to your trap. I was so innocent and stupid.

I doubted about myself at that time. Was I so bad?

But no.

I had lowered my standards when loving you but what you gave me was just cheating. I had tried to ignore my friend’s objection on this relationship. I had tried to accept you who just have desire on playing at cards. More important, I trusted you. But you fed me with your lies. I was broken. I used to want to make a revenge then. I wanted you to feel the tough feeling that I was suffering. But no need, it’s nonsense. Just forget and move on.

You took advantage of me. You just played a game. You told so much lies that I believed you. You let me down. I cried. Cried. So much.

But now I’m good. Thanks to you, I realize who are really important to me. You changed me. You made me live more open. Thanks to you, I feel closer with my mom and family. I was less selfish with my friends. Thanks to you, I will be able to realize bad guys like you in the future. Thanks for making me feel more confident about myself. Because of you, I am back with my nature, a strong girl.


4 thoughts on “Dumped

  1. This is what it is all about. Learning from our mistakes and learning to not be so trusting. It hurts but time heals. Bless you my child.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I was ashamed of telling this broken relationship but your reply courages me a lot.

      • I am an old lady now. I have had much problems. My husband was a cheater and lied to me. He was mean and it felt like he hated me for 42 years. He pushed me out and I am glad now. I am free from all the heartache he placed on me. So I would encourage you to be very, very careful. When we are young, nice words trick us into relationships. Then we can find ourselves in a trap. I had four children with him. I felt trapped all those years. I hope you are careful and don’t trust easily. I hope you will heed my advice.

  2. Thank you for your sharing and your advice. So sorry to hear that. You must have a great endurance. Definitely , I will try to remember your experience and take it on board for me.

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