Live with passion!



A new month has just started. And this month will be special for me because it is time for me to kick off the work which is quite close with my desire: service desk agent (SDA).

It is 1st time for me to work with foreigners. I feel so nervous and wonder if I get along with colleagues quickly. I worry if language barrier and culture will be trouble makers because I haven’t had a chance to work with foreign customers.

It is 1st time for me to work officially. In the past, I just did some part time jobs or forced me to work with what I even didn’t like. It will be different for now. I will work with what I am passionate. Let’s look forward to seeing what impact it can make.

It is 1st time for me to take step into the field of enterprise software support. I wonder if I will adapt quickly to facilities, new software which I haven’t used before.

It is 2nd time I feel overwhelmed by being surrounded with talented people. The 1st time is when I started to studying in university. And I just let the scared feeling get the better of me, which made me unconfident. And now it is the 2nd one and I will not let this feeling control me any more. People here are so smart. Almost of them have been worked or studied aboard. They are fluent in at least two foreign languages. Moreover, I am the youngest among them.

However, I am intelligent and hard-working. 🙂 I can face any shock feeling in this new place. I can overcome it.

Everything will be alright! Just keep focused on the key goal!


2 thoughts on “November!

  1. I wish you good luck. I am sure you will succeed!

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