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I had a job interview in the yesterday afternoon. It seemed very great at first. The employer paid me a compliment and accepted me. He said that I am qualified for this job and offered me a salary that was over my expectation. I was completely blown away because this is the first time my ability was appreciated.

The excitement was in the air. I gave my mom a ring to let her know that I would not be unemployed any more. She was very happy. I sent my friend a message. Everyone congratulated me that I got a great job which matched with my passion and paid me a good salary. I still wondered if I was daydreaming, if that is the time for me to start a new journey. I wouldn’t have to looking for a job everywhere? Was I ready for it?

However, just two hours later, when I was still in the air, the employer’s announcement made me fall to the ground suddenly. He called me back and said sorry to me that there is change in their training system and they have to delay the recruitment. It means that I can’t work there. He did freak me out. I didn’t know how to say. Word on tip of my tongue. So surprised! However, he was very polite and professional when saying apology. It was lucky that my previous plans hadn’t been changed yet since I got the job acceptance. The destiny of working as an employee was seen so obviously at that time. Employer changes, employee “dies”.

Anyway, I know more about my ability after this interview. I will be more confident for the upcoming plan.

Ok, take a step back to see the whole picture and keep moving on. 🙂


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