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Home sweet home


This post is to respond to the Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home

I used to be a stubborn daughter.  I usually messed with my mom. I didn’t like the way she talks or teaches me. I wondered why she is so strict that made me scared. Why did she shout at me when I made a mistake? Why did she have to pretend caring about me by saying nice words to me? That was what I thought when I lived at home with my mom. In other words, I did not get along well with my mom in anyway.

Thus I decided to study in a school far away from my home. I rent a house and felt happy that I did not have to see my mom and hear her voice every day any more. At first, everything was so great. No one cared what I did. No one noticed my mistakes. I felt free and let myself do whatever I wanted. However, this just lasted for a while. It was not easy for me to adapt to new environment after that. I had to take care of myself when I was sick. I poured money into shopping and got in debt. Taking some part-time jobs couldn’t lighten the situation. I just relied on my mom to solve everything. It was the time I realized that how good she is.

I graduated from university and was dragged into the rat race to earn money. It was also not easy for me to cover my life on my own. I lost faith in friendship, work and myself. My so-called friend stabbed me in the back. Such a fair-weather friend! My job was up and down all months. When I was at work, some people looked down on me and tried all means to underestimate my achievement. I will never forget the feeling of lump in my throat, trying to hold back my tears when my boss said that my effort was insane and useless. Failure in some job interviews made me not believe in what I can do. I thought of my parents. They are just farmers but can afford all necessities I need. The more I admire them, the more I feel ashamed of what I did. I miss Mom. I make call regularly to know certainly that she is still in good condition. I feel regretful for bothering her mind and messing with her when she was tired due to her farming. I appreciate her hard-earned money more than ever.

I think that friends will leave me someday but mom is the only one who always stands by me and supports me in whatever I do. My mom may not love me in the proper way. She may shout at me and be so strict but I know that she still loves me in her way. One of my friends whose mother passed away said to me that: “It is happiness for people who still have mom because they can get back to their mom whenever, even when they do something wrong”. I am happy now because whenever I feel lonely and can’t stand hustle and bustle of this life, I still have my mom’s home to come back.


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