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(Weekly Writing Challenge)

I live in a developing country and the recession is seen in all aspects, especially in economy. A lot of companies have been dissolved. As a result, many graduates aren’t employed, neither am I. My parents worry too much about my precarious situation that they want me to come back the hometown in order to have a date with a person whom I actually have never met before. They seem want me to get married to have a stable life after my graduation. They thought I couldn’t afford my life any more and I had better have a family. I know that. I know they concern about me but I still feel shock because this is not what I want to do right now. I know they expected for a brighter future when I was the first person in my family go into university but I can’t use four years in university just for getting a husband afterall. Needless to say, everyone knows that I am also stuck in rut now. Back to the topic, how was I affected by the recession?

I can’t have a good job to put better food on the table as expected. Actually, I had some job interviews but I failed. The employers usually put the experienced people in their top priority.

However, I am not allowed myself to be out of work. I try to figure out some way. I do any jobs as long as they give me money to cover my life (of course they are suitable for me and legal). I am a freelancer working as a translator and a teaching assistant although I am not really interested in them. I try to convince myself that this time is a chance for me to balance myself, to find the answer to my passion, to fix my shortcomings  and to take backpacking trips as much as I can (of course, they must be done in my tight budget).

If there were no recession, would I still be unemployed?

I don’t blame for the recession. It is myself who must be responsible for my own case, i.e, I am not smart and brave enough to get down to business on my own. I am just awaiting someone hiring me to work. The shoe is on the other foot since I graduated while I am too slow to tailor myself for a new enviroment. The idea that I should start business on my own sometimes comes up to my mind but I am not fixing to it at the moment. Do I rely on the economic recovery for a better future? I had better do everything on my own.


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