Live with passion!

22 years old, do something new, for a change!


I used to wish so many things which were left behind me. Sadly, it is not because I have reached these dreams but because I have dropped them when I get older. These dreams have faded away from time to time. Sometimes I feel the life is so hard for me to carry the dreams along with me. I blame for the life difficulty, which has corroded my determination to do them. Where is my stamina? Looking back my life now, I suddenly realize that I get nowhere. This “nowhere” result made me feel burned out and I wallowed in it. Worse comes to worst! No way!

I don’t want to sit in a room’s corner, visiting my friends’ Facebook page and feeling jealous with them dancing outside. I don’t want my voice to be drowned out by other people who just have higher status than me. I don’t want to lower myself in front of people who are stronger than me just in terms of power. I don’t want to do a job which is not my passion… I don’t want to live a life as it is right now!

I need a way out! Change myself!

What is my passion? What is my strength? What is my weakness? I have already asked myself these questions so many times. I know these answers. However, the solutions to take advantage of my strength or to fix my weakness are still up in the air. Such stuck in a rut!

So am I stupid? I don’t think so. Where is the root of the problems? The drawbacks are in my spirit, I think. I am afraid of stepping out of the comfort zone. I am scared of taking risks…

Honestly, I used to think I would do it when pigs fly! Obviously, as a result, I get nothing now. There is no turning point for myself unless I make it! So, how to go out the comfort zone?

Be brave. I must be brave to do what I want, to speak out my thoughts, to dare to criticize bad behaviors I witness in life,… I want to feel liberating to express my personality!

Stay in focus. Don’t let myself be distracted by stuffs like going on Facebook or reading tabloids every morning. Don’t forget what I am pursuing. Keep me focused!

Control myself. Don’t be driven by the feelings. I know I must be stronger to ignore temptations. Just think about the final result and go for it!

Set goals as specific as possible!

P/S: This note is a reminder. I made it to remind myself about what I have to do, to keep myself on the track in case of difficulty. 🙂


2 thoughts on “22 years old, do something new, for a change!

  1. Thank you for liking and following my blog 😀 I know what you’re going through; it’s way too easy to get caught in a dead end, boring job! Looking forward to reading more from you

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