Live with passion!

Where is a way out?

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Nothing is changed after graduating from university three months ago. I am still unemployed. Another harvest comes and I still get nowhere. I am sorry for my parents because I still can’t afford them. I want to get out of this bad situation. Who knows the way out?

Everyone usually say to me that if you have a passion, just follow it and the success will come. It is more difficult when you don’t know your passion. I told them that I don’t know what I like, which cracked them up. Does anyone hire the people having no passion?

Somebody told me that if I don’t know what you like, just do what you are good at. I am good at translating. However, for me, translation is boring. I sit in front of the computer screen almost 12 hours a day to translate. I can’t stand it any more. What can I do?

When I was studying in university, I might be one of the most active students. I didn’t like to sit in class, I liked to take part in conference, discussion, and so on. I wanted to do part time jobs to both cover my life and gain practical experience. I am not lazy. However I can’t still get a job right now.

If the employer still wants passionate employee, I think I am still out of work.

Do you wait for a turning point to change your life? Or will you make it happen? I don’t know what should I do for myself.


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